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Fixtures International believes that our competitive advantage derives from our ability to offer end-to-end solutions for our customers.

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A lot of companies say the customer comes first. At Fixtures International, it’s truly the way we do business. We’ve built our reputation as the industry leader on operational excellence: providing the quality fixture solutions you need, on time, on budget, with superior service.


Our skilled drafting department is the first step of the manufacturing process. With our years of experience serving the retail industry, we are experts in adapting your design to fit the realities of your on-site application. We do so with our eye on your budget, so if we can propose a way to save you cost without sacrificing the overall look you desire, we will do so.


Since our company began in 1945, our motto has been “quality, dependability and service.” We stand by that motto today, and will work to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations. Whether we’re working with the architect, the GC, or the customer themselves, we will make sure that we are doing what needs to be done in order to make your project a success.


Fixtures International has a robust import & distribution program that can expand your options and your budget. Whether your program is 100% import or a blend of domestic and import items, you’ll have the convenience of working with a single source.


Our wood department is fully equipped and has the ability to process and transform any type of wood substrate known on the market from MDF and press wood to melamine, laminate, veneers, solid woods, and composites of all sorts. Fixtures International’s wood department has CNC machines, schelling panel saws, edge-banders, and routers. We offer traditional wood finishing systems.


Fixtures International offers finishing system.


Using the latest in warehouse management, labeling, and bar coding technology, we provide our customers with real-time inventory status reports to keep all your fixtures, displays, and merchandising systems organized, secure, and ready for shipping—at a moment’s notice!


Our turnkey installation service is the perfect solution to achieve rollout success. Our team of experts coordinates and manages the installation of all your local and national rollouts on time, on budget, and with the utmost quality. Our main objective is to bring it all together!

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